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Golden Goose Deluxe Golden Brand Boots - Women Golden Deluxe Goose Deluxe Brand Boots online on  United Kingdom - 11454849UI 870093
August 5, 2013

Golden Goose Deluxe Golden Brand Boots - Women Golden Deluxe Goose Deluxe Brand Boots online on United Kingdom - 11454849UI 870093

June 30th, NHL draft day, the most memorable day of my life to date and also the day that I realized that my already tough summer conditioning program just got a lot tougher. In my last blog I mentioned that I would not be watching the draft. I know that a lot of people who read that doubted me on how I could not watch it. But I stayed true to my word. I got back from my brothers cottage at around 2 pm just in time to see the big man Nurse get drafted to Edmonton… as I predicted. Other than that, I stayed away from the TV and sat outside by the pool for the majority of the day trying to enjoy the nice weather and trying as best as I could to not worry about the draft. To occupy myself during the later rounds I sat by my computer playing games and listening to music. Then, around 9 pm I heard my dad yell out to me the big news. Initially I did not believe it so I had to check for myself. I went onto the website and there it was, Tyler Ganly 156th overall to the Carolina Hurricanes. At that very moment my life long dream of being drafted to the NHL had come true. But, as I said before, it was also the realization of just how much harder I would now have to work to prove to everyone why I had been chosen.

Since that unforgettable day, my summer has been pretty much a non stop work and workouts. My weekday schedule starts with a 6 a.m. wake up to go to work. I am on-ice shooting on goalies until around noon. From there it’s back home for a quick nap before leaving the house again for a 2-3 hour workout. If I am not working out in the gym I am on the ice working on my skating or doing something else that will help my game. This summer lifestyle is something that I actually enjoy doing. I realize that if I want to eventually make the NHL and have a big impact for the Greyhounds this year, then this is the stuff that needs to be done.

Two weeks ago I had to take a “break” from this schedule and travelled down to my first NHL camp in Raleigh with the Canes. It was time to put all the hard work I have done into action. To say that it was a long week would be an understatement. Sergey and I flew out together from Toronto to Raleigh, NC, for what would be a week of fitness testing, on-ice development, mini workouts and lectures to better ourselves in defferent areas of our game. The camp was a great experience and also gave me the opportunity to get to know the people and beautiful city of Raleigh. Overall I think that Sergey and myself did the Hounds proud down there both on and off the ice.

I now get a mini break from what has been a hectic schedule since the draft. I am going up north to Muskoka for a few days of much needed relaxing with my friends and family before the final grind towards the Greyhounds’ main camp.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and I am very excited to get back up to the Soo for this coming season. See you all soon!


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